Sunday, December 26, 2010

Embroidery Anyone?

Well, what do you think? Sleek, sexy, super marvelous! She's my new combo sewing/embroidery machine that I hope to bring home tomorrow!

I've wanted one for a while now... and frankly, I'd gotten sick of dealing with assorted dealers... so I went to the Internet and just starting researching on my own again... reading reviews and "talking" to people who own different machines. I concluded, pretty much on my own, that the Brother Duetta 4500D was the machine for me. True, I was initially drawn to the Brother Quattro, but it was just out of my price range.

So what will my new machine be able to do? Embroidery for starters! I've never had an embroidery machine and I'm still not sure why I am drawn to the thought of embroidery, but yes, I want one. This machine will also be the ultimate in piecing quilts (which I do as often as possible) and with gazillions of decorative stitches - there's just no telling what I might create!

My sweet hubby is off work tomorrow (thank you UPS) and he's driving me to pick my new machine up. He actually made this statement earlier - - "Karen, we are not driving to Lexington only to come home without this machine!" He knows how much I really want a new machine, but he also knows my tendency to talk myself right out of purchases for self. More often than not (actually I should say pretty much 99% of the time) I will decide not to spent money on me. So we'll see...

It will be hard to sleep tonight :-)))

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