Monday, October 11, 2010

Dream Vacation

Did you ever stop and think about the perfect vacation? I mean the vacation that would make YOU happy - not anyone else?

30 days minimum
Well, my sewing machine can come
Beach or mountains (depending on the time of year)
Nah, beach
Unlimited fabric - yummy fabric
No clocks
NO phone
Frozen coffee without calories
Lots of good food that I don't have to cook (with matching wine)
Four good books
Superb sheets and the most awesome bed ever
Good, live music just around the corner
NO traffic
NO phone
Magnificent sunrises and sunsets daily
Unlimited fresh fruit
NO phone
Fresh, new sketch pad and pencils
Creative inspiration
WIFI (since I don't have a phone with me)

I am going to call a travel agent right now and see if I can book this trip... priceless.