Monday, March 28, 2011

Geez O Pete

I sure wish I could be like some of my favorite bloggers and whip up an incredibly thought-provoking, motivational, artistic or otherwise useful post. It is not to be from me.

I can't seem to even finish my latest sewing project - a brainless project that I thought would be so fast and easy - but my attention span is nil...

I have so much nervous energy that I want to jog - but am too tired to lift a fork of food to my mouth. All at the same time.

My stomach is in knots, and my insides are jittery. But my waistline grows.

My brain shuts down in the middle of a presentation and thoughts are lost.

I am awakened at night with cold flashes - yes, the same as hot flashes, but different. Thank goodness for Google or I'd never have known what cold flashes were. And oh, they are accompanied by palpitations that scare the bejeebers out of me.

I am told this can last for oh, ten years or so. And I haven't even come close to listing it all.. Thank goodness this is my blog and I can ramble about the dreaded M all I want.

Referrals to a support group are welcomed. And you thought this post was going to be about bargain shopping, or a dog named Pete.