Thursday, May 24, 2012

Can You Believe This $5 Cuteness?

Paparazzi has new cuteness available, and you can bet I ordered it all! Exceeding all my expectations... I am still amazed at how fast this $5 Paparazzi jewelry sells! If you're on the fence about joining Paparazzi as an Independent Consultant - don't wait - it's a ground floor opportunity all across the US, and I want you on my dynamic team! E-mail me for the scoop - - or find me on Facebook - Karen's Paparazzi Shop

Here's more temptation for ya... and yes, each and everything is only $5 (plus sales tax of course :-)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Paparazzi $5 Bling!

I happened upon it by accident... I was teaching a class for nurses, and during break time some of us walked down the hall - when I saw it... a table, a big table, literally covered in absolute cuteness! And every single piece of it was $5. Each. Every bracelet, $5. Every pair of earrings, $5. Every ring, $5. Every necklace/earring set, $5. And it was cute stuff. Real cute stuff.

After devouring the heap of cuteness, and selecting several pieces that screamed for me to take them home, I learned that this was a direct-selling opportunity... and it was fairly new across the US.... and most certainly new to my area. It was easy (and cheap) to sign up, and the investment was minimal ($40). I also loved the fact that I didn't have to order large amounts, there were no handling fees, no catalogs to buy, the inventory I can chose from changes frequently, and the profit earned by the Independent Consultant on sales is a whopping 45%! I was sold - signed up with Paparazzi that very day, and the rest is history!

Less than two months later I am thrilled to say I have a FAST growing team of Independent Consultants and working with more each day! I love my team and make it a point to help each and every member grow and be the best success they can be!

Maybe you are a stay-at-home mom looking for a simple way to supplement the household income. Maybe you're a fashionista with a network of friends who love to wear fresh bling every day! Or possibly a boutique owner with a desire to add a great line of affordable jewelry to your inventory. No matter your income goals - large or small - Paparazzi can help you reach them! Take it from a very busy nurse who got involved by accident... prepare to be amazed at the potential!

I wanted to showcase some of the Paparazzi $5 cuteness here - so if your interest is peaked at all, please send me a note at or find me on Facebook: Karen's Paparazzi Shop and I'd be happy to share the details! No matter where you live, I'd love to have you on my team!!