Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Three Weeks From Today!

I'll be going to the KY Baptist Convention in Louisville on March 10 (three weeks from today) for our pre-trip mission team meeting, then it's off to Haiti early the next morning.

Here's another blessing to report: A few of my amazing family members have donated the funds for my airfare to Haiti as of today! Thanks to each of you, and thank you Jesus! If you've already sent a check to KBCDR on my behalf, don't worry, your donation will still help fund the trip.

I am still waiting for a detailed list of supplies, so there's still an opportunity to contribute is some way if you'd like to help. All team members will also take funds with them to be converted into Haitian currency for the purchase of supplies while we are there. The last medical team was able to buy infant formula and Pedialyte while they were in Haiti, so cash contributions will be accepted as well. I will accept donations for the next three weeks (even small ones are welcomed) and a list of those will be provided to the KBC for documentation purposes. Any funds not used will be left with the mission house we are working through in Haiti. None of the contributions will be used for administrative costs or otherwise - all of it will go straight to relief efforts in Haiti.

The last update I received on the most frequently seen medical needs that we will be treating are: infected or untreated wounds, infected fractures, profoundly dehydrated infants and children (vomiting, diarrhea, and inadequate hydration and diet), emotional decomposition, undiagnosed and untreated pathology (most Haitians do not receive health care under normal circumstances), breathing disorders and violence related wounds. Our team was reminded that health concerns are continuing to change as the response continues. Missionaries from KY Baptist Disaster Relief expect to have response teams going to Haiti for a long time. Make sure to let me know if you're a baptist interested in going to Haiti on a disaster relief team (medical AND non-medical volunteers are needed).

I've spent today gathering scrubs at Goodwill, and searching for a few large suitcases that can be left in Haiti. Let me know if you've got an extra laying around. The larger the better, as these will be used to pack supplies in.

I am now off to play with Ethan, and Thomas The Train!

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